Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's official - Kathy C has gone overboard!

Note from Kathy Crouch:

"I hope to raise $500 and write 30,000 words.

And this would be in ONE month, sheesh!
Good luck, Kathy!

Good luck, Kathy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meeting Rashda

The e-mail said she was going to be in Houston and would I like to meet for coffee? Of course!

Of course we'd never met before so came to some decisions on what we would be wearing to narrow it down. Blue shirt and jeans, she told me, pink shirt and jeans, I told her.

Of course, by the time I got to Borders there was someone there. Blue shirt. Capris. We looked at each other as we scoured the bargain shelves outside the store. Could it be? No. JUST IN CASE I was in the wrong place I walked back to my vehicle to drive around the shopping center.

Rashda calls, all apologies, she's running late. Is that okay? Well DUH! I'm at a book store and could spend all day waiting without complaint!

By the time she got there I'd only bought five books but had gone through several sets of shelves looking for my favorite authors. She calls. I start walking. See some woman on the phone, staring in my direction. I point.

"You're pointing at me," she says. Uh-huh!

Then she thinks I'm supposed to wear a blue shirt too!!

ANYWAY - the coffee bar inside was full so we sat outside with a drink (juice, folks) and chatted for two hours. Rashda decided if we'd sat inside we would have been thrown out. Talk about LOUD!

But a good time was had by all. Who else is coming to Houston??

How it all began

Writing binge, anyone? Such was Rashda's brilliant idea. Get Kathy Crouch and myself involved in a 2-hours-a-day-or-bust adventure.

Soon we had a fourth, Kathy Wyland, and a fifth, Susan Young. They both hail from far (FAR) West Texas, i.e. California! But us Texans are friendly folk, y'all. And they fit right in!