Sunday, November 9, 2008

A week of Extremes

Whoo! The first week of November has been a rollercoaster ride (yes, i know cliche --too tired for anything else).

First, I celebrated Barak Obama's win. Danced to the tune of hope, reveled in being part of a historic moment, and joined hands and swayed in an All-American celebration.

Then Michael Crichton died and I grieved. With Tony Hillerman and him dying, now we've lost two wonderful creative spirits. I loved reading both of their stories and will greatly miss them. I truly regret never making it to Hillerman's writing conference in New Mexico when I had the chance.

My NaNo-attempt faltered. I came in at 3,125 words for the entire week. I guess that's better than no pages, but still not as much as I hoped for.

However, my WIP revisions progressed full-speed ahead. I actually got through 100 pages. WooHoo!

I ended the week by finding fall Color in Texas -- pretty rare and extreme for most of the state. But I took the time to search and I was rewarded. Here's my favorites picture from Lost Maples State Park. Enjoy!


Elizabeth said...

What a cool picture! How far is the park from you?

My NaNo novel isn't coming along very well but I'm churning out the words on another, about 8,000 since Saturday!

Oh well ...

RK said...

About three hours driving time. I even met people from Houston and Austin there.
We also traveled around to quaint little towns with cool little shops (in other words, I spent money) like Ingram and Kerrville.

As for NaNo, I guess the good thing is we are both working on our writing...