Friday, March 20, 2009

The "Call"

Or in my case - the e-mail!

After being lucky enough to place first in the East Texas RWA's Southern Heat contest with LEARNING TO LET GO, I got a request for a full from The Wild Rose Press! Mostly thanks to the persistence of the contest coordinator, Carol Braswell!

I polished it to pieces - still wasn't happy but couldn't stand to work on it any longer so sent it in at the beginning of February. I got a nice note from Elizabeth West, telling me I'd hear from her no later than May 5th.

Meanwhile - TWRP spun off it's White Rose or Christian Romance line into its own division - White Rose Publishing. I was thrilled to read about it and secretly crossed fingers and toes they'd like my stuff.

March 18th. I see an e-mail from Elizabeth West. Well, phooey. Everyone says rejections come quicker than acceptances. I took a deep breath. Got up. Walked around. Had another look at the list of unread e-mails. Still there.

Another deep breath and another walk. Telling myself it was okay. I'll learn to let go of this rejection and move on. I'm okay. You're okay. Doesn't mean I can't write. All is well.

Sat down and opened the e-mail.


Still can't believe it. I'm a coordinator for the Daphne contest so am swamped in entries - trying to get them out to judges - trying to do everything right (having some issues with that part) AND trying to come up with a bio for myself and a back cover for my book.

WRP sent me a whole sheet to fill out so they can do a nice front cover. They asked things like h/h eye color and I had to go look it up! I've been immersed in another WIP and LTLG had GONE out of my head.

So this weekend I'm going to print it and read it. In between packing up the ground floor of my home because they're coming to lay tile on Monday (finally getting fixed after Ike damage in September) AND getting out the rest of my entries.

A thrilling ride!


Kathy said...

I'm so happy for you. I'm proud to know you and I know you are going to see your name in lights and on the NY TIMES Best Seller List:-)

Celia Yeary said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I kept thinking it was Anna Kathryn's blog, but though I had done it this year. Oh, well. the mind does come and go.

About your contract with TWRP--it is great, isn't it. I recived my first contract in November of 2007--about a year and a half ago.Seems like it's been forever, I've done so much. Now I have three contracts with them. Good luck, and congratulations, and thanks for helping me find my lost blog.
Celia Yeary

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Jessica said...

This is so exciting!!!
Great story. My rejection came in two weeks on a full, so yeah, they do seem to come quick. LOL You must've been so nervous. Congratulations Elizabeth!