Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a 'Tweenie

It's hitting home I have a contract (or will when it shows up in the mail, anyway) and have shuffled a very small step from the pre-published to the almost-published!

But - right now - I'm in between published and unpublished.

For me that means - NO CONTESTS! And I am, after all, a contest junkie.

Yes - there are a few that accept entries from published authors (or us 'tweenies), but not many.

Never mind - I'm going to have plenty of work (and edits) to keep me busy.

Now - what to do with all that money I'll save? Hmmm.

More conferences!


Jessica said...

LOL You're so funny! I told my hubby that once I get published, he better watch out because I'll be going to tons of contests!!
Have a great day, tweenie.

Elizabeth Pina said...

As long as your husband isn't like MINE and keeps asking when the movie deal is!

And who's going to play him in the movie. I had to hurt his feelings and say he is NOT in the book!

Jessica said...

LOL I meant conferences! :-) No, my husband probably doesn't know that books can be made into movies. *snicker*
Your poor hubby...