Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Different folks, different strokes.

I got score sheets back from two contest entries today. A third is a finalist in that contest. I skimmed through the sheets and read the comments, refusing to let myself be depressed.

I think one judge got all three of my entries, that's fine because at least she liked my stuff and gave me decent scores for each. A couple of the judges gave me fairly low scores and that's fine too.

What's always interesting is the comments on my h/h. I'll read about how someone can't bond with my hero at all, but love my heroine. Then next score sheet they love my hero but my heroine is bland. I'm sure many authors have the same problem, but is there a happy medium?

Or, should I be glad that readers have strong opinions one way or the other?


Jessica said...

I think it's good that judges react to your characters. It means they seem real. :-)
Sorry about the scores. I have contest scores coming soon and I'm pretty nervous.

Elizabeth Pina said...

This may seem odd but the scores don't bother me anymore - once the disappointment of not finaling is over, that is! It's very interesting how two people can react so differently to the same thing!

Good luck with your scores!

Kathy said...

I understand I finaled and one of the judges told me that Devon couldn't consider Tara his boss the Texas Rangers were his boss. I was like well I never considered it that way. I thought in my research some people just rode with the Rangers they weren't actual Rangers but I changed it and he is a Ranger and there is part of their conflict. I had a hard time creating a personal conflict between them. They were just drawn to each other like magnets. Now one story I wrote not matter what I did they refused to get together. GO figure our characters have mind of their own.

Elizabeth Pina said...

>> our characters have mind of their own.

You've got that right - and they keep changing it!