Friday, July 31, 2009

Odd Event

When we were at Fort Hood, TX on Monday they had an attempted baby kidnapping. Thankfully the baby is safe but no news if they caught the woman that attempted it or not. They locked that place down and at the entrance to every clinic on every floor someone was there checking ID's and making sure of who came and went. There was a picture taken of her from a security camera, I am assuming, posted to the news article I found online about it. Thanks to my niece, Laura, I was able to read the news report. They were having a press release or news conference when we were leaving after 5:00 pm. I was sleeping darn it in a chair and I almost missed it. I woke in time to hear the afterwards talk and search information. There were several comments made on the website where the news article was posted. This is scary because I have two great nieces almost a year old and how devastating it would have been to lose them. Now would be worse but as a newborn how harsh is that. As of Tuesday they had not located the woman I heard them say she kept changing clothes on them.Maybe at soem future date I can utilize some of this in writing. Right now would seem rude to the family even though they don't know me and I dont know them.

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Elizabeth Pina said...

Wow that is scary! I'm so glad the attempt was thwarted. Hold on to your kids, everyone!