Friday, August 14, 2009

What's in a blog?

I'm cheating a little today. First I'm going to tell you all about the request for a full I received recently, that would be the full I made a significant plot change to.

I've been editing like crazy all week!

Secondly, I'm going to tell you about my other blog which really describes how I've felt for the last week. Except I forgot to mention I had dental work done that tore up my mouth and put me on antibiotics!

Check out:

and everyone have a great weekend, I have a story to read and another one to finish!

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RK said...

Wow so much to say to you:

Congrats on the full request!

Happy belated birthday!

I know about doldrums b/c I am stuck with that too. Loved the poem. Wishing you a fast recovery from it.

All the best,