Saturday, August 29, 2009

My new room

I got my own room today. One of the upstairs bedrooms is now my study / den / retreat / whatever I want to call it but it's where I'll WRITE relatively undisturbed.

Once I wrote in the bedroom and pretty much cluttered up half of it, but after we had all our floors redone (courtesy hurricane Ike) the bedroom looked so nice without my junk...

So I moved into the dining room because we never use it anyway. Well, twice a year. BUT - it's right between the kitchen / living room and my husband's study (where he leaves the door open and cranks up the music) and with all the carpet gone everything is much louder than before. Plus it's hard to be in the middle of an intense scene but have someone stop by to see if you know where the [insert item] is or when the TV is drowning out all rational thought.

So - I'm moving out - er up - to where I'll have a door and the opportunity for peace and quiet - I've promised my family I'll show up every now and again.

I finally framed all those contest finalist certificates so I can hang them up over my desk and use them for inspiration. But I'm wondering what else I need to put in there - books, knick-knacks, computers, printer, paper, toner, promo items, iPod, trash can, new lamp, comfy chair. The latter because I like to proof read a hard copy every now and again, it's amazing what the eyes will spot on paper and especially if you change the font.

Hmmm what else - any suggestions?


Anne Marie Novark said...

I agree on the comfy chair, Elizabeth. I also like to edit hardcopy sometimes. Bookshelves are a must, not only to hold favorites, but for all the writing and craft books. I have my magic scarf hanging nearby, plus a Native American dream catcher, although I believe it's a story catcher. A bulletin board and dry erase board might come in handy.
Congrats on getting your own room. I love my writing room.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

I think you need some pictures of heroes on the walls, know, half nekkid beefcakes.

Elizabeth Pina said...

Excellent ideas Anne Marie - wonder what I can use instead of a magic scarf? There must be something I have lying around - I'll have to brainstorm that one.
Bulletin board for sure - another great idea - and it made me think I need a calendar!

Elizabeth Pina said...

Wow Anna Kathryn - inspiration indeed - will you share some of yours or do I have to find my own?
*bats eyelashes*
Where do you find those, anyway?
*innocent grin*

Elizabeth Pina said...

BTW forget the pictures AK, I need some in the flesh to finish moving my stuff! I did mention it was UPstairs?

Skhye said...

What about a candy jar? You'd probably need one with a lock to make certain that chocolate was there when you need it? And I always have goofy stuff people don't understand around. You know. Those objects that you're suddenly connecting with because you wrote two novels on the subject. Don't ask! LOL

Elizabeth Pina said...

So Skyhe - you have a kilt in your room? ; )

Jessica said...

LOL I wish! Very cool that you'll have your own room. I dream of that day... LOL