Saturday, December 26, 2009

An Early Resolution

Two-thousand-nine is almost done

And twenty-ten will soon be here

When "Auld Lang Syne" is sweetly sung

We'll welcome in a brand new year


Our hopes and dreams will rise anew

In promise of a brighter day

We will commit to see things through

And clear those hurdles in our way


Fresh words will flow from brain to screen

And characters will spring to life

With writing always crisp and clean

And pages full of hope and strife


To all my friends and friends-to-be

Successful wishes I now send

And hope before next year is through

We all will smile and write THE END


Skhye said...

Amen! I had a year filled with diagnoses. So, this year the tree didn't come down the day after Christmas. I'm not accidentally shooting myself in the foot again! LOL Even though I have absolutely no belief in superstition. It can't hurt to try. Besides, I love black-eyed peas, pork, and cabbage. That should make for a nice combination...

I intend to start working on revisions tomorrow. So, thanks for the well wishes, my friend. And I'll burn candles & incense as well as have my daughter chant and dance for us both. ;) I don't know what anyone's deities think about an unusual Nutcracker though... It can't hurt given my luck in 2009! ~Skhye

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Emma Lai said...

Beautiful poem, Elizabeth! Full of great thoughts and wishes. I've already started my 2010 Goals and they are all about writing! Good luck in the New Year!

Anne Marie Novark said...

I love the poem, Elizabeth!!!

I'm still pondering my resolutions--not wanting to resolve too much and set myself up for failure, yet not wanting to resolve too little and not challenge myself.

That's a lot of "nots"!!! *grins*

Here's to a great writing year for everyone!!!