Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Opportunities

July has brought two new opportunities.

1. I'm writing a weekly food column for my local news paper. It's called The Family Table and also a some feature articles with a food angle. Yes, food and writing, my two passions in one job. I'm floating on cloud nine. :)

2. I've agreed to write a monthly post at Romance Magicians, a group blog for my Southern Magic RWA chapter. My first post is about my training as a writer. If interested please check it out...and leave a comment so I know somebody is reading :)

Bonus opportunity: Getting myself a tweeter account....


Elizabeth Pina said...

Hi Rashda - yes I'm late, as usual. I left a comment on the other blog but thought I'd put one here too!

What an interesting and informative post! I'm so proud of your new food column - is it online anywhere? Keep up the great work and I hope one day I'll get to taste your cooking (hint hint).

RK said...

Anytime Elizabeth! Just come visit, in between giggles and gossip, I'm sure I'll manage to cook you a meal :)