Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yesterday I drove my husband to a doctor's appointment on post. He'd been having shortness of breath and coughing so much. Monday he spent most of the day in bed. So he agreed and called yesterday morning for an appointment with his Internal Medicine doctor. He saw a different doctor, his is on vacation, and this doctor was concerned about a possible pulmonary embolism. He talked to my husband, Jim was 62 yesterday too, and examined him. Then he sent him to ER via X-ray for a chest X-ray. After spending most of the afternoon and evening at the ER they decided to transfer him. I had to choose BAMC in San Antonio-3 hours away, or Temple, TX with Scott & White hospital-only 30 minutes away. I chose the closer civilian hospital. He was having problems with either his creatine or cretin level being too high. They were saying "creatine" so I don't know what is what but it is at 3 and it is too high. He had high hopes he'd being coming home today the doctor told him this morning after his blood work and the renal ultrasound he'd be able to leave. Then she came back this afternoon and told him she'd really like to keep him one more day. I had a meltdown coming home.

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RK said...

Aww. Hang in there girl.

Did your docs say anything about protein in-take?

Keeping you both in my thoughts.