Saturday, September 20, 2008

East Texas Chapter Romance Writers of America Expert Expose

My day had an interesting beginning I had to buy a new battery and then debate the merits of two trips to Tyler approximately 125 miles round trip. I get mad, mouth about spending money on cigarettes for somebody else in the household. AKA the other half. Then decide I am going anyway. So I get ready and head to Tyler arriving in lots of time. As I am always running late this is a biggie for me, plus I had never been to this place. I looked on map quest and memorized the street where it was and how to get there.

I arrived at the Oxford Street Restaurant in Tyler, Texas to find it had a sign on the door that stated "CLOSED". I was on the phone asking other half to find my yahoo group for the chapter in case they had changed something. Another member pulls in, whew, never mind other half. After the two of us discuss what to do next I mention the other sign on the door that says something about a singles Dinner Out meeting at Fat Catz, a nearby place. I race over to see if they have room to seat a part of ten around 7:30 pm it's now pushing 7:00 pm at least maybe a bit after. They say sure we can do that. Everyone arrives to a noise filled restaurant. We can't hear each other, or our thoughts. Then they add a live band to the mix. They all ate a great meal of sea food(yours truly had a simple cheap cheeseburger-not big on seafood). The agent is really a super nice lady really cool, Nephele Tempest is her name she is there in the black top and dark hair. ( I took the picture with my phone.) After dinner we adjourned across the town so to speak to a more quiet environment of Starbucks. I was needing Diet Coke not coffee. Alas I sat and enjoyed sans coke the people in our group and Nephele.
All in all our Friday night disaster turned into a fun thing even with the inability to hear or think in the restaurant. I will post more on our great day today.

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