Monday, September 29, 2008

It is done. Let the waiting begin.

I did it. Got my cover letter and synopsis and first three chapters in the mail to Steeple Hill.

Of course - the editor that said change these things and send it back has moved on... I sent it to the new person but doubt if I will hear anything positive. I hope I hear something though, fairly soon, so I can scratch them off my list and send elsewhere. I have this fear it will hit the slush pile and I'll be waiting until Christmas. "Elsewhere" doesn't like simultaneous subs so I have to get the official rejection before I can do anything else.

Of course, standing in line at the post office I thought of better things to say and things I should have changed or added, but resisted the urge to yank it back out of the clerk's hands and let the envelope go on its way. Sigh. With the other editor I thought I might have a good shot at a request for the full.

Never mind.

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RK said...

Yay Elizabeth! Congrats in letting the post office have the package:)

Now quit sighing, and make a list of the wonderful outcomes possible:

1.the new editor reads it and loves it
2. the new editor reads its and offers some suggestions that make it better
3. you call an agent who jumps on you because there is editor interested and, of course, you are a brilliant writer
4. there is a bidding war over your book
5. you thank everyone who's helped you in this journey, including moi and send me part of the check ;P