Friday, September 12, 2008

The hurricane's coming and so are the in-laws

Just a few of the in-laws...

Two b-i-l's, f-i-l, niece, and nephew.

M-i-l went with s-i-l and her family to niece in College Station.

We have enough soup to start a kitchen but my pizza’s about gone. This was a last minute decision for most (they live north of Galveston and we live west) of them but never mind, the other kids are keeping my daughter’s mind at ease.

The plywood’s up and so is the wind. Debris is being cornered and I’ve moved crates so I can bring the dogs that live in a small kennel building into my utility room.

For those that don’t know – I have 21 dogs… Don’t ask.One is already driving me crazy with yapping so he just got two Benadryl. Another one is a storm freak so he’s going to share a crate with his sister.

The mom with one pup in my bathroom is another storm freak but she can hang out in the bedroom with me while I’m hiding from dh’s family. Did I say that?

It’s gonna be a long night!

Oh well, back to work!

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