Sunday, September 21, 2008

They've gone - whew!

And for those of you that think I'm heartless... I had six extra people staying with me.

My poor m-i-l, bless her soul, is old, feeble, and borderline Alzheimers. A couple of examples. She thinks the power is off in her home because f-i-l didn't pay the light bill. Also that he is giving her the wrong medication to try and kill her. He says fine, just die then. She has sweet, sweet moments then tantrums because the family is keeping her from her home against her will. Stress #1 - 3

f-i-l is great and still laughs at my jokes. But hasn't quite accepted that his health isn't what it should be, and eats food that upsets his stomach and makes us think he needs an ambulance. And feels helpless that he can't do more. He wants to help me with the three meals a day (for 10) plus dishes but seriously, it is easier if I do it myself. Stress #4

b-i-l #1 (50+ and has never been married / left home) gets concerned that he missed a meal and thinks I'll do his laundry. ROFLMAO! I showed him what HOT, WARM, etc. meant on the washing machine and how to measure the detergent. Stress #5 - 7

Two nieces and nephew (ages 11 - 14) are awesome and from single parents (hubby's siblings) that dropped them off and left (that's okay).

Three of my husband's siblings (he's one of six) in the area had power but did not seem to want the parents or see how they were doing. Hmm. Stress #8

And hubby has found a lot of "outside" things to do the last few days. Stress #9

m-i-l and f-i-l can't go upstairs so they had our bed and hubby and I slept on recliners. Sort of as the kids were loud until I sent "be quiet or die" text messages to my daughter. Note I'm not saying dh right now and "hubby" is stretching it... Stress #10

Turns out b-i-l #2 had a generator so f-i-l guilted him into setting up at their house. Just as well as I have to go back to work in the morning and my daughter starts school. Of course b-i-l #1's truck broke down on the way home and dh (!!) had to go take them water for their radiator. I thought they might be back and hit the chocolate. But they managed to make it home.

Excuse the venting . . . therapy!!

AND I got to write for an hour this evening and feel GREAT!! Tired, yes, but great.

Perhaps next week I can talk about something more fun!


Kathy said...

Glad you got things back to normal! Good luck with the back to work. My nephew is home from Iraq!.

Kathy said...

Oh yeah I forgot I worked on the wip for about thirty minutes or so and started a brand new story for a BIAW with KOD. I wrote almost an entire page. I have blanks in it because I haven't decided what the blank will be yet. Will be interesting I think. :-)

Kathy said...

oops well he is home in Germany after 15 months :-)